We are Modern Movement Makers.  This will be a safe and supportive space free of judgement.  We will support, learn, and listen to one another.  We will have real conversations virtually.  Jesus went into unlikely places and situations to bring hope and love.  We will aim to tear down walls and not build them up.  We will heal forward and serve the world in a greater capacity.  We are brave people chasing the heart of our creator and loving others with an open heart and open mind.  Making ripples and waves in the world with love and compassion.  A community of imperfect and authentic people on a mission to create inspired action within our mind, body, and spirit.  We believe in wholeness and our faith undignified as we move about in the world.  We are people seeking a purpose greater than ourselves.  I am here to tell you that YOU have purpose and are made to SHINE. We honor your story.
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Project | Welcome and invite!

Welcome!  I would like to invite you and your friends to join the MMM community!  This will not require time, money, or commitment.  It's simply a way of being invited into my journey and vision, so you can better see yours.  Together, we will make movement.  Connect with me here or send me an email.  I would LOVE to meet you.  I am a HOPE dealer.

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Project | Movement Maker Stories

I love connecting with others and helping them share their story!  You never know how your story can help someone else heal.  I am creating an opportunity and a space for you to do so in an interview style.  Do you have a story to burning in you to share?  Contact me...it would be an honor to meet you and work with you.